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How to Access Safe Mode in Windows 10

Chrome OS 89 also added a more full-featured Screen Capture tool; click the time on the bottom right and click Screen capture. For anyone who prefers keyboard shortcuts, those are still supported. Use Command + Shift + 3 to capture the entire screen.

For some reasons, if you would like to uninstall the default apps in Windows 10 Mobile, it is possible. You can uninstall default apps in Windows 10 Mobile, all you need to do is get full access Driversol to the file manager or MTP. If you want to recover the native applications and reinstall them all just click on «Reinstall»on the main program screen. Yes, uninstall apps from Windows 11 becomes a little different. A system restore point before you installed the app can also fix the issue.

Windows 10 Settings Method

Click the Power button on the bottom-right of the screen. Our computers are complex machines that use sophisticated components to run equally sophisticated software. For instance, a cutting-edge video game can require several pieces of hardware and software to work together in harmony. Even a simple application like a web browser can push your computer’s processor and memory in certain situations.

  • The program’s own uninstall routine runs, leaving Ashampoo UnInstaller to get rid of leftover files and Registry settings.
  • Hitting the Print screen on a Windows computer will take a screenshot of your entire screen.
  • If the program itself isn’t on the registry, however, then this might be the only way to uninstall it.
  • Probably the best free tool you can use is WinToUSB.

This app can run without being installed on your PC, and it can uninstall almost any app from your PC. Or, you may not need certain apps over time, like any older game you haven’t played in months. Removing it can help your PC’s performance by freeing up precious storage space. Just be sure to use the uninstall tool instead of simply deleting the program files. To try Ashampoo UnInstaller, select a program you want to remove and click the Uninstall button. You can opt to perform additional in-depth cleaning to try erasing every vestige of the program.

Enter Safe Mode from Windows

Choose the desired delay and then perform a snip like you normally would. If you press just «PrtSc» then it will be saved to Clipboard — so then you can paste it (eg. Word, Paint, etc.). If you press «WinKey + PrtSc» then it will be saved in your «Pictures» folder under «Screenshots». If you have never taken a screenshot before then it will automatically create the folder. /PRNewswire/ — Stardock released Start11™, a program that allows users to customize the Windows® Start menu and taskbar, on Steam today. It is another best screencasting and video editing tool for Windows operating system.

A third way of getting into Safe Mode can happen directly from Windows 11. Just keep in mind that this option will require you to have a fully working PC. Once you’re taken into the Windows Recovery Environment, you can follow our steps in the section above to get into Safe Mode. You can use functions within the boot menu to load a different OS onto your ASUS computer.

You need to have already created a USB recovery drive. The easiest way to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode, would be to press Shift and then click on Restart. This will reboot your Windows 10 computer into Advanced Startup Options. The only caveat to this method is that it will boot into Safe Mode until you change it back. So, if you aren’t sure why your PC keeps booting into Safe Mode, it’s probably because you haven’t reverted the Safe Boot changes in MSCONFIG.